Creamed Honey

What is creamed honey? Sooner or later honey will crystallize. We place a small amount of finely crystallized honey into our liquid honey (called "seed"). We then store it at a controlled temperature for a few weeks until the entire container of honey crystallizes evenly... making it a delicious, gourmet spread.


1.75 oz. Creamed Honey, Hex JarOur small hex jars are great for gift baskets. Try all 10 flavors! Select from the drop-down arrow, Lemon, Cinnamon, Peach, Raspberry & more...

8 oz. Creamed Honey, Glass JarThe 8 oz. glass bottles are the perfect all around serving choice. Select your favorite from the drop-down arrow.

3 lb. ALL NATURAL, Creamed Honey, Glass JarAll-natural Clover, creamed honey in a traditional glass jar.

3 lb. Flavored Creamed Honey, Glass JarChoose from the drop-down arrow one of our four popular flavors, Lemon, Cinnamon, Peach & Raspberry.


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